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BLOG SPOTLIGHT: Boker Tree Classic Starlight John L Bailey Throwing Knife and Leather Sheath

The Starlight is a heavy knife with 318g and with a length of 28cm. It has been developed by John Bailey specifically as a training knife and was originally supposed to be called the Starlight Teacher. Because of the shape of the blade and the very sharp edges, the knife can only be thrown from the handle.

This knife, too, has something special: the oval notch in the blade. You can put a little light stick there to make for a spectacular show in the dark, or fit in the spring-loaded cap firing mechanism included. The caps used are the same as in kids` carnival weapons, they are not dangerous. The mechanism will trigger a bang if the knife hits the target straight.

The grip is somewhat angularly and could even be called spiky. Because of this, the sharp blade and the hefty price, the Starlight can not be recommended for beginners. But it is an interesting knife for artists who want to beef up their act.

Allthough they were really good knives, did not sell well because of their high price tag (about 110 Euros for the Starlight). That is why Böker stopped manufacturing them in 2004 and switched to the cheaper version, the Mini Bo-Kri.