BLOG SPOTLIGHT: Jason Willard Johnson ~ World Class Knife Thrower

What do you say about a man who can draw a knife and hit a moving target with supernatural accuracy in under one second?

Most simply say, “Holy shit.”

But Jason Johnson isn’t a man who does things for recognition. He does things because he can.

America’s professional Combat Knife Thrower, Blade Concept and Design and Consultant, and Educator, Jason Johnson’s authority in the edged weapons arena is well-respected. An accidental social media sensation, Jason Johnson is best known for his unconventional, yet remarkably effective, combat knife throwing systems.

An Omaha, Nebraska native, the champion knife thrower lives a life in pursuit of the balance between his craft and philosophy. A diligent student of martial arts history, lifeways, and combat systems, Jason Johnson is the real deal – an American-made original blending generations of tradition and unapologetic swagger.

Currently featured on HISTORY Channel’s new Forged in Fire: Knife or Death TV series, Jason Johnson has rapidly earned accolades and respect from peers and contemporaries, alike, and is in-demand for seminars and masterclasses worldwide.

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