BLOG: Why Throw Knives?

  • ∙ A simple activity. Throwing knives is a simple activity. There is no  need for a court or ground, hoops or goalposts.
  • ∙ A stress reliever. If you are stressed out then this could help.
  • ∙ Not hard on the pocket. Throwing knives offers entertainment and will not cost you much.

Knife throwing builds coordination, spatial perception and concentration. I throw with both hands, so it is a good workout for the shoulders, triceps and butt. It’s good moderate exercise, with lots of walking back and forth, lunging and bending to pick up bad throws.

Becoming proficient takes many, many hours if not many years of practice. There’s something very satisfying, on a primitive level, when you throw something from your hand and getting it to stick in the target. Knife throwing doesn’t take much specialized equipment – just a target, a set of decent knives and a little space – so it is easy to do. Plus it’s just badass.