Timber Rattler – Big Green Bowie

Big and beautiful, the Timber Rattler Big Green Bowie is impressive. The stainless steel blade measures 11″ and is somewhat sharp, so if you intend on throwing this one from the blade you might want to consider dulling it down a bit. The green pakkawood handle and polished brass guard and pommel accents add to the aesthetic of this knife. The leather sheath that accompanies this blade is marked with the state seal of Oklahoma on the button. The Timber Rattler features an 11″ blade with a length of 16 1/4″ overall.

Master Cutlery – Stainless Steel Octagon Sai

This is a set of 15″ Octagon Sai by Master Cutlery. Each sai weighs in at 14.4 ounces.

The Sai is a three pronged martial arts weapon useful for trapping and blocking enemy attacks. As well as the blade/truncheon part of the Sai the hilt is also used in order to strike the opponent. The Sai was developed in Asia but is associated mainly with Japanese martial arts such as Karate and Okinawan Kobudo.

While there are no sai variants made specifically for throwing, bunkai of some sai katas show that they can be thrown as well.

The Art of Throwing Knives