BLOG FEATURE: The Coffin Nail, Angel Fire Knives

The Coffin Nail
Angel Fire Knives / Thomas Stuckey
EDC Combat Throwing Knife
#14 of production run /2019
G10 Ghost White scales
8670 Steel
9″ Overall Length
10.3 oz
Sharp blade & spine

Can you truly be in love with a knife? If so, I am. With this one.

The first time I saw this Coffin Nail combat throwing knife I immediately felt a spiritual connection. That only grew stronger the moment I held it in my hand. I reached a state of Zen oneness with the first Thunk!

Many thanks goes out to Thomas Stuckey and Angel Fire Knives for this masterful custom work. Also, as I’ve come to understand, many thanks are also owed to T.J. Carlesi and to Joseph Darrah, and possibly others, for their commitments, visions, engineering and energies to help bring this knife into life. To all of you and your spirits, much gratitude.

This thing is absolute badass perfection for an EDC combat throwing knife in my opinion. Perfect design, perfect weight, perfect length, perfect thickness, perfect balance, perfect comfort & feel, perfect intimacy… all of it, just badass perfect. Everything I could possibly want or think of in a combat thrower that I can carry with me every day, this knife is.

The length, weight and literal depth of this knife, combined with its symmetrical dagger style full tang blade form together to create an absolute fantastic EDC knife. Combat ready, beautifully balanced, yet surprisingly a nice heavy-weight thrower. The weight feels nice, even somehow aggressively heavy in your hand. The thumb indentions at the top of the beveled scales are perfectly positioned for your thumb for spin throwing, or your finger for no spin. The length of the blade and where it wants to sit in your palm provides a nice place for the G10 handle to act as an immediate checkpoint position for your finger knuckle and thumb for blade holding and throwing. It also keeps you very acutely aware as this thing is razor sharp on both the blade and the spine, Sweet!

The custom Kydex sheath that Angel Fire sends with this knife is also a very fine piece of craftsmanship. It is felt lined and has a changeable custom made belt loop/boot clip attachment so that it can be worn on the belt horizontal, vertical or angled. The attachment is also durable enough to act as a boot clip for those that wear taller boots. I originally had planned to EDC this as a boot carry, but the sheath fit so comfortably on my belt that I will probably wear this open carry as part of my entourage. I will have to visit Angel Fire again to get a brother piece for my boot.

It’s the first day and I only spent a good hour of physical introduction throwing & another hour feeling around and handling, but I look forward to a very long intimate & kinetic relationship with this knife. It’s a piece of me found which I didn’t know was lost, until now.

If you are looking for an EDC combat throwing knife, this is it. I would highly recommend. This knife BEGS to be used!

Every Knife Is A New Adventure…
To Be Continued…